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81 Poppies Flash Sale

Fall is almost here, and what better way to celebrate than by getting a head start on the season’s shopping? To help you out, we’re giving you access to an exclusive flash sale from one of our favorite designer partners, 81 Poppies! Starting today, receive 20% off all new Fall 2013 styles from 81 Poppies.

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Happy shopping!

Trends: Glass Is The New Black: My Experience As A Google Glass Explorer

My entry into Google's #ifihadglass contest

It’s been about a month since I made the ultimate futuristic fashion statement… that is, a month since I picked up my sky blue Google Glass from the Big G’s sprawling headquarters in Silicon Valley.  In my four weeks as a Google Glass Explorer, I’ve given a lot of thought to this innovative new product: how it could influence my work and personal lives, what disruptions it could lead to, and how it might affect society at large once more than a few thousand people get their hands on it.

Google Glass is an ambitious device that is still very much still in alpha: the firmware is minimally-featured, battery life is short, and, without wider adoption, availability of apps and collaborative opportunities for use are lacking.  But, if Google can get users past some of these hurdles, there is much promise for Glass to seriously change the way people interact with the digital world (and the physical world, too).


Designers: Clover Canyon

Designers: Rozae Nichols | Clover Canyon | CakeStyle


Designed and produced in Los Angeles, Clover Canyon truly is a love letter to the city of angels. Eclectic and joyful prints paired with streamlined silhouettes, the brand is for the confident woman who loves to stand out. As they put it, Clover Canyon invites women to join them on a journey of the imagination: Where do you want to go?


Rozae Nichols was born in raised in Los Angeles and worked as a designer in Paris before returning to her roots. Inspired by her own femininity, other artists, and the vagabond lifestyle, all of Nichols’ lines have a strong point of view and trademark style. Her garments are all produced in L.A. with fair labor practices and quality construction.


See some of our favorite looks from the Clover Canyon Resort 2014 collection in the slideshow below:

  • Designers: Clover Canyon | Resort 2014 | CakeStyle
  • Designers: Clover Canyon | Resort 2014 | CakeStyle
  • Designers: Clover Canyon | Resort 2014 | CakeStyle
  • Designers: Clover Canyon | Resort 2014 | CakeStyle
  • Designers: Clover Canyon | Resort 2014 | CakeStyle
  • Designers: Clover Canyon | Resort 2014 | CakeStyle

[images via zimbio & clover canyon]

Trends: Tie-Front Tops

Trend: Tie-Front Tops | CakeStyle

I used to think that tie-front tops were for the likes of Britney Spears, school-girl-themed frat parties, and Elly May Clampett. Then, I got my first Equipment shirt.

If you’ve never tried an Equipment shirt, go and and buy one today. Or we can throw one in a CakeStyle box for you. Seriously, though, they drape beautifully, and you can style them a million ways.

I was trying to think of ways to style my Equipment shirt for a holiday party I was attending. I was wearing it with a black bouclé spangled skirt that I’d had for 10 years (I never throw anything away). The Equipment shirt in question was a wonderful, dark green plaid with a slim fit. I started by tucking it in, but had a flash of daring – what if I tied it at the waist? The plaid and the tie would be a perfect, whimsical allusion to country chic, with the classic pencil skirt. My love for tie waist shirts was born, and I haven’t looked back.


Style Icons: Diane Kruger

Style Icon: Diane Kruger | Harper's Bazaar Russia May 2013 | CakeStyle

Natural elegance and true humility are hard to come by in Hollywood. Diane Kruger has it covered in couture gowns courtesy of Chanel on the regular, appearing completely at ease and in control. She is best known stateside for her award-winning roles in National Treasure and Inglourious Basterds, where she demonstrated her versatility of expression and depth of emotion.

Diane is perhaps just as recognized for her long-standing friendship with fashion as she is for acting. Kruger began her career on the runway for Marc Jacobs, D&G, and Sonia Rykiel. She has fronted campaigns for Dior, YSL, Louis Vuitton, and Chanel. Kruger is fluent in her native German, English, and French. Her beauty seems to radiate from her, which has caught the attention of Karl Lagerfeld, with whom Kruger can be found air-kissing. What is it about her? It may be the respectable discipline that resulted from her years of ballet training, her inborn European sophistication, the ease with which she carries off any look, or her ability to, in her infinite perfection, still seem relatable and genuine, that make her a style icon to appreciate.

Let’s take a look at some of her most stunning looks:

  • Style Icon: Diane Kruger | DVF at the 2012 Conversation Event | CakeStyle

    DVF at the 2012 Conversation Event

    Diane looks classy in a mod black-and-white number at a Diane von Furstenberg event. The high neckline and skimming fabric allows her to keep it appropriate while showing off her model legs in some strappy platforms.

  • Style Icon: Diane Kruger | Inglourious Basterds Photo Shoot | CakeStyle

    Inglourious Basterds Photo Shoot

    Diane looks glamorous in a tailored suit in her role as Bridget von Hammersmark in Tarantino’s blockbuster Inglourious Basterds.

  • Style Icon: Diane Kruger | Cannes Film Festival 2012 | CakeStyle

    Cannes Film Festival Red Carpet 2012

    Diane dons a sparkling Vivienne Westwood gown on the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival premiere of Amour.

  • Style Icon: Diane Kruger | Levi's Vest | CakeStyle

    Classic Levi’s Vest

    Casual Kruger knows how to style a Levi’s denim vest.

  • Style Icon: Diane Kruger | Chanel Dress | CakeStyle

    Chanel Denim Dress

    Diane looks ultra-French in a baby blue denim Chanel dress and beret.