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CakeStylists’ Fashion Faux Pas

By Kassia

Even the most stylish among us can make bad fashion choices! Our stylists set out to prove this by showing off some of their most regrettable fashion faux pas from the past (we hope).

CakeStylists' Fashion Faux Pas

Above, Olivia wears an Aztec print tee with harem pants, Lory has on an (even better!) pair of army green harem pants, Kait rocks gigantic red booties, and our photographer Andi gets in on the action with his camouflage cargo shorts.

Olivia | Aztec tee & harem pants

“My outdated trend begins with the purchase of this Aztec-striped tee. It seemed cute and easy in the store, but how quickly it turned bad. Beisdes the fact that it incorporates far too many trends in one (Aztec, zig zag, and neon), it’s also far too reminiscent of Charlie Brown. Needless to say, I feel cartoonish.

“Unfortunately for me, my problems doesn’t stop there. Note the harem pants. I bought these while living in New York City and I thought they were the coolest new trend. Once again, how quickly my mind changed. Harem pants are incredibly unflattering, as you can see, and now that this trend has officially become Justin Beibers signature, I think it’s time for me to leave them behind.

“Let’s leave it at the fact that with this look, two wrongs definitely do not make a right.”

Lory | harem pants

“I spent a summer in Italy and was quickly wrapped up in the amazing style, food, and culture. A bit too much house vino and gelato and I was convinced I could stroll the streets of Italy in the same fashion as the Romans did. So I caved and bought the hottest trend that season: the harem.

“I was ready to walk the streets of Chicago as I did in Italy yet the feeling wasn’t the same. The confused look from people passing me on the streets… what had happened to my pants, they wondered? That spark I felt for those pants quickly faded and all I can really do is watch them burn as I enjoy another glass of Italian wine.”

Olivia and Lory Harem Pants

Kait | red platform booties

“When I purchased these platform booties a year ago, I really thought I was pushing the envelope. However, the only thing I was pushing was an extra five pounds on my feet every day! I love a platform heel to maximize height, but big clunky shoes just don’t look great on my petite frame. As fun as these bold red booties were last year, I’m retiring these clown shoes for good and sticking to more simple silhouettes for spring.”

Kait Red Platform Booties

Do you have a past fashion faux pas you’d like to share with us? Send a photo to for a chance to be featured on our blog!

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