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Trina Turk

By Lauren

Ever since learning how to sew at the age of 11, Trina Turk has been hooked on fashion. Ever since I tried on my first “B-52 dress,” I’ve been hooked on Trina. Oh Ms. Turk, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways…

[image via living with libby]


Trina was born and raised in California, where she first learned to sew. She immediately knew she wanted a life as a fashion designer, and enrolled at the University of Washington where she studied apparel design. From there, she landed jobs designing for juniors’ lines like Britannia Jeans and Ocean Pacific, but knew she was capable of more. In 1995, she launched her own line with her husband [then stylist, now photographer] Jonathan Skow, and 10 years later, she was already topping wholesale sales at $40 million. Trina has since expanded to a menswear line, as well as home furnishings.


Trina is most known for her bold prints, bright colors, and vintage influence. Her Fall 2012 collection was inspired by “Modernist Maverick,” Sonia Delaunay, a Parisian artist from the Art Deco era. However, in my opinion, it’s Trina’s perfect balance of femininity and tailoring that really brings her collections to life. The instant you slip into her clothing, you can’t help but feel it – I am a strong and beautiful woman.

[images via trina turk]


In regards to personal style, “You don’t have to necessarily jump on every trend. Figure out what trends work for your style and body type, and which don’t… Make sure you like it and it looks good on you. A great mix is often the key to great style. Wear casual with dressy, tough with feminine, sporty with girly. Don’t be afraid of color. I’m a huge fan of vintage – mix it in! Study looks you love. Take the look apart and figure out what components are and why you like it.”
- Trina Turk

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