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By Kassia

Graphic Prints

How To Wear Graphic Prints

Graphic prints are a fun but sometimes intimidating trend that’s surprisingly easy to incorporate into your own wardrobe. All your favorite designers are out with bold graphic prints this season, so it shouldn’t be too hard to snag a piece you love. But once you have one, how do you wear it?

Graphic prints may look like they’d be hard to match, but they’re actually pretty simple. As you can see above, many graphic prints have tons of colors in them. Instead of trying to coordinate with all those colors, pick a color that’s already on the piece and match that. If the color’s used in the piece, it must match the rest, so run with it! Check out some outfit samples below.

How To Wear Graphic Prints

The outfit above on the left is anchored by a bold graphic dress with tons of bright colors – it even has colorblocked sleeves! So we went with other elements that, while not totally neutral, don’t make the outfit too loud. We pulled the minty green from the dress, went with a slightly ligher shade, and used that as inspiration for the blazer and earrings. A neutral purse and understated shoes complete the look!

On the right, the central piece is a geometric cardigan. Again, we chose a color from the sweater to highlight – a gorgeous bright sky blue – and chose pants in a slightly darker shade to match. Everything else is pretty neutral – nude flats, a white tank, and a tan necklace (which also matches the cardigan pretty well). Everything goes well together but isn’t matchy-matchy – had we used pale lavender flats and a pink top, for instance, it would have been too much.

[images via polyvore]

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