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Oversized Clutches

By Elissa

From runways, to fashion magazines, to bloggers worldwide, the oversized clutch has been a recurring wardrobe staple. Big enough to fit more than the standard cell phone, credit cards, keys, and lip gloss, you can stash a few band-aids, a small scarf, or even a flask if you’re so inclined.

Their larger size also makes them appropriate to tote to the office, since many can handle a full-size iPad in addition to the essentials. Try an oversized clutch in a vibrant color or print to make a simple outfit shine, or carry a sleek envelope style to add polish and structure to an otherwise casual look.

Whether you prefer a show-stopping version like this electric lemon clutch from Milly or the classic aesthetic of this chic, perforated clutch from Coach, you can’t go wrong with this trend!

Oversized Clutches

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