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What To Wear To Your High School Reunion

By Cameron

What To Wear To Your High School Reunion

Last weekend, I made the journey across the country to my hometown of sunny Jacksonville, FL to attend my five-year high school reunion. While the thought of returning to high school five years later to see past classmates and teachers you haven’t even thought about since graduation may make some cringe (understandably), I was actually quite excited about it. In planning the trip, it’s natural that the FIRST thing I thought about was what to wear. Being known for my quirky (sometimes over-the-top) sense of style in high school (think neon pink leggings – yes, that actually happened), I wanted still show off my adventurous fashion sense, while projecting a more grown-up, sophisticated style (read: I left my high-school obsession with the 80′s behind).

In deciding how to make your best style impression at your high school reunion, the first thing to think about is the different events you will be attending. For my reunion, the first night included drinks and appetizers outside. I knew I wanted to wear a skirt or dress for this, since the second night would be a bit more casual. I went with a red, sleeveless shirt-dress – something nice enough for evening, yet casual enough for the outdoor setting. For the next night, I chose skinny jeans and a fun, printed top, to fit the more laid-back setting. Inspired by my own outfits, I put together the looks above to demonstrate how to stand out from the crowd, while looking chic and sophisticated, at your high school reunion.

The look on the left is suited for a night of cocktails and mingling (read: awkwardly talking to people you forgot existed). A bold print in a classic shape is always a good idea, because it shows off your fun sense of style, while remaining impeccably sophisticated. That’s why I chose this Animal Print Pencil Skirt by Elie Tahari, sold at CakeStyle, and topped it off with a classic, black silk blouse by Equipment. Since the shapes are simple, you can have fun with accessories here, as long as they complement the print, rather than compete with it.

For the look on the right, I chose another fun print – the 81 Poppies Audrey blouse. Geometric prints are very on-trend for spring, and I paired the top with pastel skinny jeans to brighten up the look even more. The fun clutch adds another pop of color, and I played up the geometric theme by adding the gold triangle bangle bracelet. The finishing touch to the outfit is a pair of metallic, snake-print flats. The print is just subtle enough to mix with the bold pattern on the top.

Once you’ve got your outfits all planned out, remember my #1 Tip – make sure you arrive with your best friend(s) in tow. It’s the only way to survive those inevitable cringe-worthy moments that can only happen when you’re back in high school!

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Cameron is an Assistant Buyer and the Director of Social Media at CakeStyle. She's originally from Jacksonville, Florida and studied Economics at Washington Univeristy in St. Louis. She loves fashion, art, and animals.

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